Senior Software Engineer

up to 5000 $
B2 English (Intermediate)
Experience: 4 years

We code a lot in Python, increasingly in Go, everything is serverless on AWS, and with 100% Infrastructure as Code (IaC). We ship at least one new feature every week, and in most cases, our amazing team earns us a few euros with it. Feedback is instant, learning is fast, and development is rapid.


You enjoy

  • Solving problems in a pragmatic and iterative way to help the business win.
  • Evolving in a fast-paced, operation-driven environment and having close contact with users and stakeholders.
  • Designing, developing, and running data-driven applications: trading bots, battery optimization, ETL pipelines, transaction management systems.
  • Taking ownership for the system you build and planning improvements based on feedback from users and operations.
  • Learning, all the time, not only about software engineering but also about work organization.

You can support the team with

  • Writing clean and maintainable code, using version control, collaboratively reviewing and continuously shipping it.
  • Developing software in Python, Golang or any other programming language.
  • Designing and deploying serverless applications in AWS, e.g. using AWS Lambda, AWS Fargate or AWS MWAA and managing it with Pulumi.
  • Communicating about technical matters to groups with various levels of technical affinity.
  • Using data engineering best practices to build robust data flows and manage a data warehouse.

You will learn to

  • Understand European energy markets and the ins and outs of a trading floor.
  • Help stakeholders transform their ideas into working software.
  • Own not only the software but also the outcomes.
  • Be part of a self-organizing team which owns its processes and experiments continuously with new ideas and tools.
  • Approach technical problems with data-driven insights and collaboration with your peers.

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