Full-Stack Python Developer

B2 English (Intermediate)
Experience: 3 years

Full-Stack Python Programmer (Mid-Level)



*** comprises an international team with extraordinary wire interconnects, CAD deployments, and AI/ML expertise. Our team is located worldwide, including the US, Europe, and Asia. This allows us to assemble diverse perspectives, comprehensive knowledge, and specialized know-how to provide our clients with the best software product/service.

We seek a talented and experienced Full-Stack Python Programmer to join our dynamic team. As a Specialist, you will be responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining cloud-based ETL processes that enable us to extract, transform, and load data efficiently. You will utilize your front-end and back-end skills to deliver the best possible experience for a team of internal users collecting vast amounts of technical data.



Key Responsibilities:

● Design, develop, test, and maintain extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) processes using Python, OCR, CV, NLP, LLM, and ML models, ensuring data quality and reliability.
● Collaborate with stakeholders to understand and translate data requirements into effective ETL solutions.
● Integrate ETL models into our innovative, developing SaaS product.
● Monitor ETL pipelines, troubleshoot issues, and optimize performance for diverse and large datasets.
● Perform exploratory data analysis on structured and unstructured data.
● Develop web services.
● Develop user interface as needed.
● Stay updated with the latest industry trends and technologies related to ETL, data integration, and full-stack development.



Must have:

● Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer/data science or a related field.
● At least 3 years of proven experience as a Python programmer.
● Strong English skills.
● Excellent problem-solving.
● Experience with Git or other version control systems.
● Strong communication abilities.



Nice to have:

● Experience with Pandas, NumPy, and Python Objects.
● Experience with RESTful API development.
● Experience in an ETL project.
● Experience with ML, NLP, LLM, CV, and/or OCR.
● Experience with a modern front-end UI framework.
● Experience with database systems (MongoDB, SQL, NoSQL) and data warehousing concepts.
● Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure.

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