Full-Stack Developer

up to 4000 $
B2 English (Intermediate)
Experience: 5 years

Start of work: as soon as possible

Duration: long-term contract

Schedule: European hours


About the company and the project: Our company is at a crucial point in its history. We have been preparing for years for the time when Responsible AI is at the top of the global agenda, and we are (finally!) reaching that point. What better moment than now for our company to maximize its potential and expand its reach? It’s for this reason that we have decided to expand to the US, to supercharge our impact. We need a winning team to execute this plan and assert ourselves as both global leaders shaping the Responsible AI policy agenda and pioneers in deploying commercial auditing solutions. We are seeking an experienced, mission-driven, and dynamic Full-Stack Developer to join our team. As a Full-Stack Developer, you will be responsible for the development of an end-to-end solution to automate our algorithmic audit process. You will be a key team member, ensuring that we provide a complete solution that is at the same time highly scalable and high quality. The Algorithmic Audit Platform is a partially-automated, scalable audit solution that incorporates human intervention at crucial times to ensure fair, accountable outcomes. In your day-to-day, you will work closely with the Head of Automation, and the CEO and founder of our company.


Stages of the interview:  We have a first-round interview with me asking some HR questions and Carlos, our Head of Automation asking technical, role-specific questions, then a business case they would present to a couple members of the team, and (occasionally, though it is likely for this role) a final round with someone from our management team.



  • Have a minimum of 5 years in full stack software development in various modern coding languages and knowledge of database technology and solid code architecture skills.
  • Programming languages: Front-End (HTML, CSS, Jscript, React). Back-End (Python, PHP, Ruby) — the backend can be one of these languages
  • Experienced in RESTful API design, creation, and integration with other applications
  • Skills in database management, including design, creation, and maintenance as well as querying and manipulating data.
  • Have a proven technical background with a strong understanding of product development and AI frameworks.
  • Share the company’s passion for ethical technology.
  • Are highly motivated to succeed and make a difference as a professional,
  • Have excellent communication skills and emotional intelligence.
  • Are fluent in English.

Bonus skills:

  • Are fluent in Spanish
  • Have worked with socio-technical teams and understand what algorithmic bias is and how to audit for fairness.
  • Have a Privacy Concern: you challenge Data Laws and you are concerned about the importance of Data

What needs to be done on the project:

  • Integrate and evolve our existing code in R language, supporting and owning the continuous development of the audit solution.
  • Collaborating with cross-functional teams to build a platform using modern frameworks.
  • Ensuring high-quality deliverables and adherence to project timelines.
  • Incorporating customer and our team feedback to improve the functionality of our audit solution.

What will distinguish the candidate from others:

  • Previous experience in similar positions.
  • A can-do mindset to execute your ideas without the need for large investments in validation.
  • Being open and collaborative. Taking and giving constructive feedback and being always eager to share an idea or suggestion.
  • Ability to establish relationships based on respect, trust, and consistency.
  • A lifelong learning attitude.

How the work will proceed in the first time after hiring:

  • First Month: In your first month you will work closely with the Head of Automation, the CEO, and the Audit Team to familiarize yourself with our strategy and our internal tools and processes.
  • First quarter: we expect you to make a decisive contribution to our MVP
  • To the moon: you will launch the AAP and will contribute to its development with the highest of standards

About the tracker and management tools: We use Microsoft Outlook for email and SharePoint/OneDrive for all documents, Slack for day-to-day communication, and ClickUp as our project management software. We do time tracking, but only for our project-based roles, not this one. that is, there is no tracker.


Who will be in the team: In your day-to-day, you will work closely with the Head of Automation, and the CEO and founder of our company.

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