Full Stack Developer

B2 English (Intermediate)
Experience: 3 years

We are a global tech company within the mining and logistics industries. Our headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. We are currently seeking an intermediate full stack developer to join our dynamic team. We are seeking a committed individual who is willing to work hard and take ownership of their responsibilities, and in return, we will provide a supportive and collaborative environment to help you succeed.



Your Role:

  • Complete Support Tickets on an ad hoc basis;
  • Assisting with Bug fixes on platform functionality;
  • Understand and Implement Business Functionality;
  • Maintain Legacy UI;
  • Development and expand on V2 UI;
  • Maintain and improve project architecture;
  • Manage and support Integrations and Projects;
  • Identify and expand on project requirements;
  • Mentor other Project developers on new tools and best coding practices;
  • Fully accountable for feature development;
  • Knowledge Sharing;
  • Build Services.


What we’re looking for:

  • Someone technically adept at systems development;
  • Solid understanding of UI and coding;
  • Backend Functionality;
  • Mining/logistics industry knowledge (advantageous);
  • Relevant Software qualification;
  • Familiarity with Agile development methodologies;
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills;
  • Ability to work independently and take ownership of projects.


WIIFY (What’s in it for you):

  • Learn and grow in a collaborative environment;
  • Front-row seat to the use of IoT mining operations and how real value-add can be achieved with this technology;
  • Build solutions and solve problems that have not been solved before;
  • Remote.


Technologies (Mandatory highlighted in bold):

  • C#;
  • Postgres SQL;
  • Angular;
  • JavaScript;
  • Typescript;
  • React;
  • NodeJS;
  • ASP;
  • MAUI;
  • Linux;
  • Dotnet Core;
  • Git;
  • Azure DevOps;
  • Microsoft Teams;
  • Power BI;
  • Node;
  • Nginx;
  • Visual Studio;
  • Visual Code;
  • Python;
  • Xamarin;
  • Leaflet.js;
  • echarts;
  • REST;
  • IOT.



1 junior developer, 1 senior developer, STO, PM, Business developer, Business analyst, architect



Depends on the candidate. Approximately: 

  1. interview with STO
  2. with the chief architect
  3. with the director



Does this sound like the kind of place you want to work at? We look forward to hearing ‘hi’ from you!?

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